We love images, fashion, creation and moving scenery. We love encounters, those that make the hotel vibrate. It is therefore quite natural that we open our doors to directors, photographers and artists.

At the ALBAOPERAHOTEL, the will is clearly stated to create a place apart, neither a charming hotel, nor a boutique hotel with a soulless decor. By small successive touches, the hotel is transformed every day, according to the desires, to create a PLACE where everyone feels good. Staging and vintage furniture make up the decor of a hotel where each room is different, where each room and each suite displays its color.

ALBAOPERAHOTEL welcomes you for an hour, a day, a night or just a drink at the Bar or in the Courtyard. Anything is possible, and each space can be yours for a photo shoot, a film shoot, a meeting, a lunch or a moment with friends. There is only one limit, to love this place and to be loved.

Rates and schedules on request: albaopera@orange.fr

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